UMAC: Fast and Provably Secure Mesage Authentication (1999)

UMAC is a specification for generating message authentication tags. At the time of its initial publication, UMAC is the fastest, provably secure, message authentication scheme reported in the cryptographic literature.

The files accessible from this website reflect a work-in-progress. We are calling this current snapshot version 0.25.

Essential Downloads: The UMAC source code and Internet RFC.
Public-Domain ANSI C Source Code UMAC Source Code
Timing and Throughput Data UMAC Performance
Internet RFC Not Yet Available

Optional Downloads: Reasearch and generalized specification.
Parameterized Specification Document umac_spec.txt
CRYPTO 99 Proceedings Paper ps (857K), pdf (225K)
Expanded Paper ps (615K), pdf (290K)


"UMAC: Fast and Secure Message Authentication", J. Black, S. Halevi, H. Krawczyk, T. Krovetz, P. Rogaway, in Proceedings of Crypto 99, 1999.

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